Future facing supply chain risk management

With supply chains becoming increasingly complex, propensity for hazards and disruption are also on the rise. Managing safety and security risks in the supply chain has become a significant challenge. By using and combining a wide array of data sources we offer the implementation of an automated supply chain risk assessment that incorporates horizon scanning, risk ranking, and predictions.

Using our Expert Models and Data Foundry products, you can:

Better decision making

It is crucial for the industry to identify all underlying drivers for the likelihood of occurrence of risks along the supply chain. Keeping track of each supplier, raw material or product can be an overwhelming task. Our customised model combines data from a wide variety of your internal and external data sets that are considered to impact your supply chain and can help you make faster and consolidated decisions.

Partner you can rely on

Our Data Foundry and Expert Models platforms automate the process, saving your company time and money, improving accuracy and reducing errors by using up to date realtime information. With all data in one place, it can be easily interrogated for deeper insight or for automating management reports.