Data Products are Complex

You have the idea, project outline, funding, and perhaps an interested customer. However starting from zero on your technical journey is a daunting prospect, that can rapidly consume time and resources you would rather spend elsewhere.  Creme Global has already built the foundations which can help you get your new product online quickly, allowing you to focus on your business. Our digital design services were developed over years of experience in business and technology delivery. 

Data Expertise and Platform

Creme Global grew and formed through collaborative projects. We have established ourselves as a trusted partner to large companies and small startups alike, by creating and deploying advanced models and databases on our Expert Models and Data Foundry platforms.

In our Data Foundry and Expert Models products, we have the building blocks required to get your data product to market quickly without spending months on hiring, designing and developing basic technology infrastructure. 

By using our Expert Models and Data Foundry products you can:

Digital Design Sprint

A design sprint is a methodology we use to accelerates your idea by moving it through a new research stage each day of the week. It is used at the early stage of a project for everyone to gain a common understanding of the problem and priorities and to uncover new product or solution opportunities. Design sprints are tailored to your requirements. You will be assigned a project manager who will call on the diverse expertise (business development, user experience, design, technology and researchers) within Creme Global to work with you at each stage of the sprint. 

For more information on Design Sprints in Creme Global download our Design Sprint brochure. 

New Products Delivered

Following the design sprint, our technology team will map out a development plan to implement the solution. If there is sufficient interest, the Creme Global team will build the technology solution using our platform technologies. Your data is combined with the new predictive data solution and delivered on our cloud platforms to provide you with the product your business needs to succeed.