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Creme Global combines its deep scientific expertise with the world’s most accurate and user-friendly models that support regulatory requirements, risk assessment and root cause analysis.

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Overcome complexity and risk in food manufacturing, safety, product development, regulation, and marketing.

Our experts can help you predict the risks in your food manufacturing, assist with new product development and regulation and offer risk analysis of supply chains along with impact assessments.

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from farm to fork

Our solutions and services can help you gain insights and drive better, quicker decision making so that your organisation can compete more effectively in food safety and manufacturing.

Safer crops

Supply chain


New product development


“Creme Global team have always gone to great lengths to accommodate my requirements and provide technical support when needed. I have no hesitation in recommending Creme Global to anyone interested in modelling exposure scenarios.”

Christina Tlustos
Food Safety Authority of Ireland

Discover which product is most at risk today, and how it may impact your bottom line.

Recall risk

Real time dashboards, powered by a combination of public and confidential data.

Automated alerts

Real time sms and email alerts, fully customisable for various scenarios.

Financial impact status

Predict future financial impact based on available data and ongoing events.

Other solutions and services

Ingredient development and regulation

Dietary Data Explorer allows users of varying levels of expertise to approach extensive dietary data globally from various angles and quickly find answers to new and interesting questions. Researchers, regulators and the health and wellness industry use information from national food consumption survey data to answer important public health policy questions or perform risk assessments.

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Avoiding supply chain risks and food spoilage

When does a delay become a real problem, and how can you tell what’s happening to the food in transport? Learn about our accurate, data driven decision making tools which can be effectively used to predict the outbreak of safety or quality issues, saving time and resources by proactively protecting companies global reputations.

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Predict the risks in your food manufacturing

Guarantee safety assurance to reduce risk for any ingredients. Harness your data to control bacteria in food processing facilities and your supply chain. Quicker and more accurate quality control analysis of the bacteria present in food facilities with our predictive software tool and data set.

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Collect, structure and organise data

Facilitate the collection, anonymisation, structuring and modelling of diverse data sets from around the world. Revolutionise the way you and the food industry solve complex multi-stakeholder challenges. Data Foundry was designed to tackle the most complex challenges in data structuring and organisation.

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Food product development and nutrition

Create opportunity to speed up time to market and lower the cost to develop new foods and cosmetics.

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Expert Root Cause Analysis

Determine the cause of a safety or quality incident in a manufacturing environment and assist with decision making, for example, product release or recall.

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Regulator acceptance

Validate your scientific data to be used and accepted by regulators internationally. Creme Food Safety is the leading software service that can quantify total aggregate exposure from constituents and ingredients.

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Large data analysis to support decisions

Analyse massive amounts of data and compile comprehensive information reports to solve problems and inform decision making with our Decision support systems.

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12 of the top 15 world leading food companies and regulators work with Creme Global.


Case studies

We work with leading organisations in food manufacturing, food safety and nutrition industry. Explore the work we did with them.


FACET, standing for Flavours, Additives and Food Contact Materials Exposure Tool, is an advanced consumer exposure analysis tool for Europe.


SAFE Project

The SAFE programme aimed at mitigating against the risk of bacterial contamination in the food supply chain in a smarter, faster and more specific way while also improving sustainability.



Using Creme Global’s expertise and software the FSAI were able to analyse the salt intake of the Irish population.


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Our industry partners

Together with our industry partners, we work tirelessly to give you the required tools to organise your data and to accurately predict the impact of your products on a diverse range of issues, such as safe human exposure levels, shelf life and environmental impact.

“With this important and industry-leading tool (Creme Food), we are able to expand our abilities to meet the demands of our clients, satisfy regulatory bodies and ultimately provide transparency and reassurance to the consumer.”

Dr. Áine Hearty,
Intertek Cantox

Creme NHANES Data Explorer Tool

Versatile platform designed to allow users to approach extensive NHANES data from various angles. Users with varying levels of expertise are able to quickly find answers or new interesting questions.

Total Aggregate Exposure

Aggregate exposure modelling requires the combination of multiple exposures from the foods we eat, cosmetics we apply to our skin, perfumes we inhale and pesticides in our garden.


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Creme Global can help you overcome complexity in product development, regulation, safety and marketing. Download the overview of our services and see how we work with organisations around the world.

“Creme Food has every single model developed for food safety from the last 20 years.”

Paul Price
Dow Chemicals

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