Data Foundry

Data Foundry facilitates the collection, anonymisation, structuring and modelling of diverse data sets from around the world and has revolutionised the way companies and whole industries have solved complex multi-stakeholder challenges.



Data Collection

  • The secure data upload service facilitates the convenient, secure and accurate transfer of sensitive data inside and between organisations.
  • Data Foundry gathers and anonymises data in a secure and robust way.
  • Standard data templates which can be customised by you to your needs.
  • Once the data passes initial validation checks, Data Foundry has the ability to run more sophisticated checks on the data during the ETL process and can be configured to allow a manual review before being accepted.
  • Data portals and workflows can be designed and configured in Data Foundry by you to meet your organisation’s requirements in data collection, protection and sharing.


Data Profiling

  • Check data for gaps.
  • Collecting descriptive statistics on your data like min, max, count and sum.
  • Check data types, recurring patterns and length.
  • Organise and tag data with categories, keywords or descriptions. Discover metadata.
  • Identify embedded value dependencies and functional dependencies
  • Identify, key candidates and distributions
  • Perform inter-table analysis.


Data Modelling

  • Ensure data objects are accurately represented. Missing data can lead to faulty reports and incorrect results.
  • Define the tables, primary and foreign keys and stored procedures.
  • Provide a picture of the data that can be used to create a physical database.
  • Identify redundant and missing data.
  • Improve the maintenance of your IT infrastructure through up-front work on your data model.


Data Visualisation

  • Statistical tools and data analytics are provided in Data Foundry.
  • For more advanced visualisation, analytics and predictive modelling to slice-and-dice your data in order for you to understand important factors, you can connect our powerful Expert Models platform.

We believe in the collection, integration and secure sharing of data to produce insights and clarity and to create value. For over 15 years, we have worked with leading organisations around the world on secure, collaborative, data and scientific modelling solutions.

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