Data Foundry – forged for complex data challenges

Gathering, anonymising and structuring data is key to scientific modelling. With Data Foundry we help to organise and utilise the data in your organisation to add value and save significant time and resources. Our Data Foundry product was designed to tackle the most complex challenges in data structuring and organisation.

Secure Industry Data Transfer

We work with industry to gather and anonymise data in order to create predictive models. We provide standard data templates and a secure data upload service on our site to facilitate the convenient, secure and accurate transfer of data from partners to a central secure location managed by us.

Rising to data challenges

Data Foundry was designed to take in data from complex, global supply chains and use it to fill data gaps for organisations. In cases where data gaps are not easily solved, we can develop scientific models on our Expert Models platform that can combine in new diverse data inputs.

Business optimisation, regulation, know your customer, risk analysis, health impact, scientific experimental data, predictive models through machine learning are some of the use-cases we have addressed through data aggregation and modelled.

Data structuring, collection, anonymisation, analytics and collaboration

Creme Global was formed out of collaborative scientific projects requiring the careful treatment of data. In the following 14 years, we have established ourselves as the trusted partner of industry and government through creating and deploying food safety models and datasets on our Expert Models and Data Foundry platforms.

Using our Expert Models and Data Foundry products, you can:

Data Validation and Checking

Through our scientific work, we understand how to aggregate and anonymise data in a unique way to enable better reports and predictive models to be built and deployed for your analysts to use. When we have received the data, we analyse data and carry out standard checks as part of our quality assurance process. We use statistical tools to visualise the data in order to understand the important factors in our models. Once the data is checked and analysed, we create predictive models that provide actionable information for our partners.

Our Data Collection services include:

Predictive Models Delivered

The data is combined with our predictive models in the cloud to provide simple and powerful access to decision-making tools for our clients.