At Creme Global we create data, models and software to estimate aggregate exposure to chemicals. The routes of exposure we focus on are oral, dermal and inhalation.

Benefits to chemicals projects

  • Demonstrate the safety of chemicals.
  • Reduce the necessity for animal testing.
  • Save considerable time and money on lab testing where predictive simulations can do the same work.





Data Science at Creme Global

Who we serve

Governments use our software to aid in creating regulations and in communicating with industry on regulation. Our software gives a shared point of reference.

Industry uses our software to understand their products better. They also use our software to comply with regulations. Our software has saved companies millions of euros in labour by streamlining scientific assessment.

Academia use our software to greatly increase the speed and viability of research projects into food safety. Our software is flexible enough for a broad range of applications in food safety.

Why Creme Global?

Your chemical may be used in a number of products in the same timeframe. We have better ways of determining how people use their products in combination than any other provider.



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