Along with researchers at University College Dublin Creme Global have designed an online tool that will record the nutritional habits of the Irish population.

Foodbook24 is Ireland’s first online dietary assessment tool that has been specifically designed for the Irish population and is open to members of the public. It was designed to capture the dietary intake of individuals using a cost-effective approach.

The online tool allows users to list their various meals of the day and any snacks in between. They will then provide more detailed information about the food and drink items they consumed that comprised the meals using portion size pictures to assist them in quantifying how much they ate.

Participants will be asked to list, from memory, everything they consumed the previous day twice over the course of the study. They will also complete health and other food related questionnaires on the Foodbook24 tool. Those taking part will then receive personalised feedback on their diet based on the information they have provided.


  • Software Development
  • Data wrangling