Case Studies

We work with leading organisations to create Expert Models which enable better decision making in food science, human health, operational risk and scenario analysis across many sectors.
Unfortunately many of our best and biggest projects are not listed as they are protected by NDA. We can say that we work with many of the top food, nutrition, personal care, cosmetics and chemical companies in the world.

Company X (€1bn + revenues) Scientific Data Platform Project
RIFM estimate that they have saved over 116,000 animal lives, to say nothing of the associated costs.
The aim of this project was to provide quantitative information on habits and practices of consumers in the European Union.
CARES NG is a cloud hosted software for generating scientific analysis and reports using both dietary and residential modules.
Along with researchers at University College Dublin Creme Global have designed an online tool that will record the nutritional habits of the Irish population.
The widespread use of oils with heart-healthy fatty acid profiles were of interest to the ILSI North America Lipid Committee.
When industry leaders act collectively to improve their products, the results can be very impactful, yet difficult to quantify.
FACET, standing for Flavours, Additives and Food Contact Materials Exposure Tool, is an advanced consumer exposure analysis tool for Europe.
Using Creme Global's expertise and software the FSAI were able to analyse the salt intake of the Irish population
Determining the effect of polyphenols and bioactive peptides on cardiovascular health (FP7)
Food packaging exposure to Styrene and ESBO and how the they impact children’s consumption levels and overall safety.
Is our children's health affected by the packaging their food comes in.
Food-based solutions for Optimal vitamin D Nutrition and health through the life cycle
The challenge was to build a resource for risk assessors to use to quickly search and locate human exposure tools and data available in the public domain.